Finding the best car wash near you made easy

Everyone wants the best service when it comes to their vehicles as vehicles are the owner’s pride and joy and give them a sense of satisfaction with their clean and shiny finish and look. While running on the roads, vehicles accumulate a lot of dust, grime, oil, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants that can harm their paint and exterior. A thorough and timely car wash is the only way to wash away these harmful elements and protect the car finish and paint.

The main problem for many people is not finding a car wash near them but finding the best or the right one near them that they can trust to do a good job. The best car wash is one that is not only located near you and is easily accessible but also provides genuine service and takes care of your vehicle in the most efficient manner, ensuring detailed cleaning and convenience.

Different car washes are designed for unique consumer benefits. Some are easy, cheap, and convenient while others are more sophisticated, better on the paint surface, and offer higher quality car wash experience. Knowing which type of car wash near you is right can be a difficult decision especially if you are going there for the first time.

This article discusses the most common types of car wash and helps you understand how to find the best one that will address your particular car needs and make it look as good as new.

Car wash service options

Generally, there are four different types of car wash facilities that are easily available in big cities these days. They include:

  • Automatic drive through car washes
  • Touch less car wash
  • Full-service car washing facilities
  • Professional car wash and detailing auto salons

Automatic drive-through car wash

It is the most common and cheapest way to get your car washed. You just have to drive up to the facility, select a washing package, pay for it and drive through.  The machines will do everything for you including applying soap, washing the vehicle with industrial ash stripes or circular machine rinse, and even blow-dry if it is included in the package. 

These car washes are also known for damaging side view mirrors, radio antennae, and cracking the windshields. They can also leave swirl marks or minor scratches in the clear coat of the finish.

Touchless car wash

This type of car washing is becoming very popular in many parts of the world as it does not cause any damage to the vehicle as compared to the automatic drive-through car wash.  This type of facility is divided into two different washing methods.

Drive through – the drive-through touchless car wash is automated but instead of wash wheels or strips of industrial cloth, it uses high-pressure water to wash and rinse which does not affect car paint or finish

Self-serve – the other type is a self-serve touchless car wash. You just have to drive your car into a bay and use a high-pressure hose to rinse, apply soap and wash it off. These facilities may have foaming brush that spits out suds of shampoo that wash the debris off the vehicle.

Full-service car wash

It is also considered a premium car wash experience as it is better than the other two. It washes and cleans the exterior of the car through an automated car wash machine that is often touchless in design. In some cases, you may also get an oil change or oil check services.

Auto salons and detailers

The top-self car washing experience is provided by professional auto salons and detailers. The professionals offer complete car washing and detailing services that are customized for you and completed by hand, based on your budget and desires.

Professional car washes are authorized and certified service providers that care for your vehicles the right way. Finding the best car wash in Little Rock gives you a chance to have your vehicle treated with the respect and care it needs to look great and run smoothly for a long time.

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