The Best Way to Revitalise your Car

Is your vehicle looking dull? Has it lost its shine? Going to your regular car wash? Then wait, a simple wash won’t give you the finish you’re expecting; but the auto detailing car washes of Little Rock, AR, will.

Confused? Don’t be, for I’ll be explaining everything – what is auto detailing, how does it work, and why is it better than just a simple wash:

A Simple Wash

Excellent for washing your car, simple washes are quick and cheap. Whether you prefer the super quick automated ones or the hands-on rub n scrub type, it’s all the same. Simple washes are nothing more than just touch-ups, like spray-tan; okay if you’re in a rush but not quite the same as the real deal.


Going beyond a simple wash, auto detailing aims not only to wash your vehicle but restore its original looks and comfort. Detailing is done by washing, scrubbing, and finally buffing both the exterior and the interior of the vehicle. Let’s take an in-depth look at the process.


  • Whether in-tunnel or by hand, the exterior is thoroughly cleaned, shampooed, and dried.
  • While underbody cleaning is specific to certain packages, tire washing is an essential component of auto detailing car wash in Little Rock, AR.
  • After drying, the vehicle is polished with an abrasive compound. The compound reduces scratches and brings back the original finishing by peeling away microscopic layers of paint.
  • Waxing is done to smoothen out and enhance the effects of polishing.
  • To seal the finish and protect it from environmental damage, a layer of coating is applied.


  • Unlike the exterior, interior detailing is meant to enhance the driver’s personal experience. The aim is to go beyond simple buffing and create a soothing comfortable environment.
  • Among the auto detailing car washes of Little Rock, AR, the process starts by manually removing all the junk and clutter. This is followed by extensive vacuuming, which eliminates the finer particles.
  • Once decluttered, the carpets are removed, and the interior readied to be cleaned.
  • The interior is a complex mesh of a variety of components, which means that the products and techniques suitable for one component won’t work for the others. Therefore, each component is buffed separate from the other.
  • Using glass cleaners, the windows and mirrors are cleaned and polished.
  • The dashboard is washed, dried, and rubbed with a waxing compound.
  • Clayed and trimmed, leather receives its own special treatment.
  • Once completed, the carpets are placed back and a freshener is added to replace the detergent smell with something pleasant.


By now, you might be wondering – why are simple washes even a thing? That’s because auto detailing is expensive and time-consuming; where a simple wash costs $5 and takes 3-minutes, detailing costs $50 and takes at least 30 minutes. Also detailing is pretty abrasive, and too much of it can damage the vehicle’s paint job. As such, detailing and simple washes go hand in hand in maintaining that coveted new-car look.

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