Going for Auto Detailing? You’re Going to Need a Checklist

Tired of driving a dulled-out car? Of course, you are, but it wasn’t always like that; once, it was the talk of the town, a real head-turner. What if I told you there’s a way for you to restore it to its former looks?

Detailing car washes will not only wash off the dirt but bring out your vehicle’s true potential. But without the proper steps detailing won’t work. So, I’ve prepared this simple guide to help you keep a watchful eye on your auto detailing car wash in Little Rock, AR.

The Bucket Wash

The first step of washing your car is well washing it with a bucket of water. You’re probably puzzled at the triviality of it, so before we proceed, how about I give you the details of the method behind this madness.

With time your car starts building up layers of dirt and gunk. These layers are divided into three sections and need to be removed one at a time. The topmost layer is loose enough to be washed off using just a bucket of water.

Let it Dry

Having washed off the top layer of dirt, it’s important to let the vehicle dry, as it helps prevent the watermarks and is essential to the next step. You can speed up the drying process through various means like letting the car sit in the sun, using towels to manually dry the car, or using blowers.


Unlike the first layer, the second layer has been accumulating for months, adhering itself to the vehicle. In the auto detailing car wash in Little Rock, AR, the vehicle is drenched in detailing solvents that loosen and dissolve the bonds of the layer. Just be sure not to use abrasive compounds, as they might damage the paint.

The Detailing Wash

Finally, it’s time for the main event, time to revive your vehicle. The process starts with lathering up the vehicle with car shampoo and scrubbing everything: the roof, hood, skirts, and even the tires. Make sure that specific tools are used to scrub different parts of the body i.e. brushes for tires and sponges for the hood.

Finishing Touches

Now, we move on to the third layer, which consists of debris that has embedded itself in the paint. Auto detailing car washes in Little Rock, AR, use clay bars as they can trap the particles without damaging the paint.

Once claying is done, let the vehicle dry before proceeding to the polishing phase. A polishing compound is used to revive the paint and its color. Although manual polishing isn’t bad, it’s recommended that a polishing machine be used.


Lastly, the vehicle must be waxed. Acting as a protective layer against the environment, waxing helps preserve the detailing for days. You can go a step further by getting a glass coating, which consists of a much thicker layer of resin. With proper maintenance and care, glass coating can effectively protect a vehicle for more than a year.

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