The different kinds of professional car wash services

Car is your investment. Car detailing does a lot more than cleaning your car. It can preserve your car and restore its original beauty. Professional car wash involves tar, bug, and lime removal, headliner and shampoo shampooing, vinyl conditioning, waxing, wet sanding, and applying protectants, which can make your car look new.

Car wash does not just extend the life of your car but adds value also. It is highly effective in matters wherein cars are parked outside and they are subject to rain, bird droppings, sand, and others that can erode the good looks of a car by damaging its protective clear coat. Car washes in Little Rock AR are for all car owners who want to receive the most from their cars and also keep them looking good for their lifetime.

Every kind of car wash service offers unique benefits and can suit a particular kind of business. The different kinds of car wash services are mentioned below:

Tunnel System

In this system, the customers rake cars to a tunnel and a conveyor system carries them forward when it goes through different wash stages. This service cleans the underneath of cars and in the final stage, a powerful fan dries the car. A tunnel system offers a complete car wash. It is a time-saving system because more than a single car can be washed in one tunnel. It takes 5-10 minutes to clean a single car.

Automatic In-bay car wash

An automatic in-bay car wash is found at the petrol stations and it is a popular kind of car wash among different car owners. It can be either touchless, friction-style, or both. This service enables consumers to choose from many different car wash options that might include wheel and tyre cleaning, undercarriage cleaning, and spray-on wax, Car owners can choose a wash as per their budget. The washing process includes automatic rolling over a static car for washing.

It is a popular choice as the structure washes a car quickly and does not need an attendant though several automatic car washes accommodate only one car at one time. A traditional car wash use brushes for removing grime and dirt and some use touch-free methods, which clean cars with water, chemicals, and air. Though touchless car wash might be safer as there is a minimized possibility of cosmetic damage if brushes are not used.

Flex-serve tunnel car wash

In this service, you can add aftercare, optional exterior, or valeting services for an extra cost. This is a flexible service that means after a tunnel wash, owners can enjoy benefits provided by washing a car by hand.

Touchless car wash

This method uses a machine spray, which can reach all areas of a car using water jets of high pressure.  Polishing and cleaning chemicals are applied on the surface of cars. A touchless car wash takes more time compared to a traditional brush wash.


Regardless of the kind of car wash service you decide to choose, you can always rely on the services provided by Car detailing in Little Rock AR. It can help you to improve the look of your car. The car wash experts shall make sure that your car looks new and sparkling. You will get a complete car cleaning solution.

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